cougar muscle picture

Cougar Bodybuilder Needs That Hard Young Cock Daily!

Many older women have an increased sex drive, but add the surge of hormones that comes from working out and lifting weights and some of these ripped muscle cougars are on the prowl for young cock 24/7! It's almost a little bit scary knowing the mature babe that's checking you out in the club has the physical strength to rip your clothes off and ravish you right then and there....or IS IT?
cougar muscle picture

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"Ever since I started wokring out and competing as a professional female body builder I've noticed my need for cock has tripled. It got so bad that even my younger boyfriend said he just couldn't keep up anymore. So what did I do? I got TWO boy toys to keep me sexually satisfied. And the sex? Awesome! I make them take turns fucking me till I drain those hard young cocks of ALL that delicious hot jizz! Take it from me, ladies, if your cougar lifestyle is wearing out your man, time to do what I did and MAKE IT A DOUBLE!"

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