cougar muscle picture

Asian Hottie Knows She's A Very Naughty Cougar!

Many Asian women are small and demure, but not this sweet Oriental cougar! She spends long hours in the gym working out and she doesn't shy away from telling men what she wants in bed. Now THAT'S some sweet suishi!
cougar muscle picture

Want To Sniff?

"I got to tell you something funny. When ever I come home from the gym I always air out my work out clothes on the windowsill of my apartment....and one day, I noticed my thong panties were missing. I hadn't washed them yet and thought they had blown away or something. A year later I was dating the guy who lives next door (a young stud with a HUGE cock!) and he confessed to me that he stole my panties and used to spend hours masturbating while SNIFFING them! LOL! I wasn't mad though, I actually thought it was kind of sweet - it's a turn on to an older woman to know that some young stud out there is pulling his cock while enjoying her "scent". And now I love teasing him to orgasm with a pair of my dirty cougar PANTIES!"

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Hot Asian MILF Topless In A Thong!

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