cougar muscle picture

Big Tit Muscle Cougar Wants It Bad!

They say long hours in the gym makes a female bodybuilder's clit get huge, but what about her tits? Judging from the rack on this cougar muscle babe it looks like something ELSE got a little bit bigger! How'd you like to motorboat THOSE babies?
cougar muscle picture

Like My Tits?

"I've always had big tits, but after I turned forty they started to sag a little I had some "work" done. Like the results? I found that working out all the time tightened them up, but I wanted some bigger boobs to go with my "new" body. Many female bodybuilders get boob jobs, some to balance out their huge muscular asses or massive thighs, but not me - I just wanted my younger lover to have something to put his huge black cock between and titty fuck me silly!"

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Naked Bodybuilder Mom With Huge Tits In The Gym!

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